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Jul 13 2019


Better Life Budget – A Personal Finance E-Course!



A Personal Finance E-Course!


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Better Life BudgetA Personal Finance E-Course!  * Better Life Budget  * E-Course Access  * Learn More  * Meet Lindsay  * Log In  * cart  *   *   *   *   * Americans In Debt  * Americans Not in Debt# **Financial Health**Discover your true financial health number. Having an actual health number toassociate with your finances is a huge eye opener! It is also a great way toinspire you to improve your financial health number - as well as **how toimprove it!**# **Creating A Budget**Learn how to create a budget that is tailor-maid to you and your family! Thereis so much more that goes into a creating a budget then simply putting in your"numbers." I'll walk you through setting up a balanced budget while notfeeling like you are giving everything up!# **Interest**Using custom made worksheets and my spreadsheet you'll see how much interestyou'll pay over the life of your debts. More importantly, you'll learn howmuch sooner you can pay your debts off - and how much money you will **save**, by snowballing your debt payments!# **Paying Your Bills**Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to pay your bills? Well,there sure is! You will learn the **right** way to manage and pay your bills.In addition, you will learn how to track your spending  - how to stay onbudget - and how to **never miss** a bill payment again!# **Debt Payoff Plan**The magic key to this entire e-course is to get you to the point of living adebt free lifestyle. You will walk away with a plan for you and your family toget out of debt. You will **understand** how you 'll get out of debt - whenyou'll be debt free - and everything in between.# **Motivation**Using my motivation techniques you'll be able to keep yourself on track withyour debt payoff plan! You'll will work through learning **your** forms ofmotivation  - you will walk away with debt payoff trackers - as well as thedesire to reach your goals and then strive for the next one!# Becoming Debt Free, Is Realistic!Copyright (C) 2019 * Better Life Budget